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2 Mar 2021

Director Policy, Research, Advocacy, And Lobbying

Job Description

Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) is an apex and focal private sector members based organization, which seeks to promote effective engagement with government and other stakeholders in developing policy and conducive environment for doing business and developing the country. TPSF therefore commands significant influence and credibility both locally and internationally. It boasts a unique position as the government’s partner, which makes her a key player in policy formulation, public private partnership (PPP implementation), coordination of high-level public-private dialogue (PPD’s) platforms and National Budget. TPSF has thus stood tall and bold on many advocacy issues of national and sectoral importance.






To supervise and coordinate policy and planning, review analysis to support evidence based advocacy while building relationships with private sector stakeholders to ensure that their issues and concerns are addressed and reflected in the national private sector policy agenda.

To have an effective engagement with the government and other interested stakeholders in formulating and implementing pro-growth policies that promote Tanzania’s competitiveness; encourage domestic and foreign investment and pursue regional and international economic cooperation and opportunities, while folstening Human Capital Development focus and delivery.

COMPETENCE REQUIRED (Education, Experience and Skills required)

  • Post graduate degree in Economics, Business Administration, Finance, Law, International Trade, or other related fields.
  • Minimum of five years’ experience at management level with at least three in policy analysis roles
  • Demonstrated capacity in policy analysis, advocacy, research and lobbying
  • Clear understanding of economic development issues in Tanzania and an appreciation of the challenges of private sector development.
  • Ability to build and maintain relationships with partner agencies and key contacts in government.


  • Develop effective advocacy strategy to follow up on effective implementation of government policies, plan and budget.
  • Help to keep TPSF members abreast of key national and international policy initiatives (campaigns, issues, reports) in key themes.
  • Identify gaps and needs assessment of the policy formulation and reviews process. And advocate for the development of guidelines on policy formulation.
  • Conduct consultative forums and meetings with relevant Ministry Department Agencies (MDAs) on sectoral Public Private Partnership (PPP) and Public Private Dialogue (PPD) arrangements.
  • Support the communications team in ensuring regular presence in the media
  • Coordinate preparation for private sector participation in Tanzania Natinal Business Council (TNBC) and serve as its spokes person during National consultation.
  • Fee earning Activities
  • Contribute to team effort by accomplishing desired results on fee earning activities assigned.
  • Any other duty that may be assigned from time to time by the Executive Director
  • Preparation and implementation of Departmental Annual Business Plan.


  • Percentage of the implementation of Advocacy strategy/issues resolved.
  • Extent of capacity building to Private Sector Organizations (PSOs) on advocacy activities and number of weak sectoral business associations supported in Advocacy work.
  • Extent of Private sector participation in policy law development/ processes (Number of policies/Laws developed with the involvement of private sector)
  • Number of new partnerships established for advocacy.
  • Reports/concept notes/Research paper for well analyzed researched issues for reform purposes and dialogue process;
  • Number of Developed project proposals for funding of advocacy work within agreed time frame.
  • Number Developed and implemented outreach programmes withing agreed time frame
  • Quarterly TPSF flagship report is produced and published.


All applications should be addressed and submitted to the following email address

Executive Director

Tanzania Private Sector Foundation

1288 Mwaya Road, Msasani Peninsula

P.O Box 11313



The deadline for submitting the application is 15 March 2021

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